Paper cup forming machine


✔ High performance and competitive price
✔ Easy and simple operation
✔ Excellent durability
✔ Quick and reliable maintenance service


Hot and cold beverage, Ice cream cup and other instant food paper cup


No Description GP-100A GP-100B GP-100C GP-100D
1 Cup size 2.5oz~9oz 12oz~16oz 22oz~32oz 44oz~170oz
2 (75ml~270ml) (360ml~480ml) (660ml~960ml) (1320ml~5100ml)
3 Production Speed 70~80pcs/Min 60~70pcs/Min 50~60pcs/Min 30~50pcs/Min
4 Paper PE Coating Single or Double PE Coated Paper(170~400g/㎡)
5 Sealing Method Ceramic Hot Air, Heater or Ultrasonic Sealing
6 Electrical Requirement Approx.10~12Kw
7 Compressed Air Approx.100~200L/Min, 2.5~5HP
8 Dimension 2760x1350x1550 2900x1350x1650 3080x1350x1800
9 Weight 2000Kg 2300Kg 2500Kg 3000Kg~3500Kg


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